About Me

Welcome! Bienvenidos! We are Oscar and Amrine Quint and we decided to embark on the adventure of our lifetimes. We got married on September 26, 2015 in Narragansett, Rhode Island and two weeks later we set out on our backpacking adventure for a round the world trip for a year.

Oscar is originally from La Paz, Bolivia and Amrine is from the heartland Kansas. We met in Providence, Rhode Island through our love of salsa dancing and dated for three years in RI before getting married. We have both always been travelers, but when Oscar proposed to me I told him that I needed to travel the world before starting a family. Together, we decided we would take a year off from our 9-5 jobs (Oscar in marketing and Amrine in international education), rent our home out, and live only out of backpacks for the next year.

Dancin’ Around The World was named because of our love of dancing. As we travel the world we will not only bring you stories and tips on traveling, but also will be reviewing salsa clubs around the world to help other dancers that travel find a place to dance the night away!