Movin’ Out!

The moment has arrived and we are near the final days before we head out on our round the world trip. The past few weeks we have spent packing up our home, creating storage space, cleaning, and realizing a few things along the way.


One apartment just has way too much stuff. I swear when we return I am purging so many things from our belongings!

1. We can’t believe the moment is finally here and we are picking and choosing the few items that we will carry with us on our backs for the next year. I am so excited to only have a few things with me at all time; it will be so exhilarating!!

2. We have way too much stuff! I packed up things that I haven’t seen or used since we moved into the apartment. A lot of this stuff we donated to Salvation Army, but we still managed to pack up too many things. I really wish we had started doing this earlier so we could  go thru everything in detail and decide what we want to come back to and what we won’t miss at all. It looks like we will have a lot to go thru when we return (ahhhh, lets not think of that just yet!).


The sorting and packing was such an extensive process! Wow!

3. Hoarding Hoarding Hoarding. We keep way too many things. I legit found my student ID card from when I was in elementary school. Do I really need that?! Oscar experienced the same thing when we  found a box full of coasters. Who needs these things? In the trash they went…

4. I love throwing stuff out and de-cluttering my life. I remember when I first moved to RI I traveled with only a few boxes that I could fit in my lil’ Honda Civic coupe and a small table. Now, that has multiplied into a whole house of things! Its crazy how easy it is too succumb to the materialistic lifestyle of the united states.

5. We will miss our friends more than we realize. Its only been a couple of days since we left Providence and each of you already pass our mind!!







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