São Paulo is a monstrous city filled to the brim with culture, nightlife, art, music, and diversity! In a city this large it can sometimes be hard to find things to do that won’t break the bank! You’re in luck that we spent some time there and were able to scope out some of the free things you can do and when to do them. I hope you have a blast in one of my favorite cities!!

Walking Tours

Free Food Walking Tour
There is a free food walking tour that occurs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:30pm and meets in front of Museum of Art of São Paulo (MASP) on Paulista Avenua 1578. This tour takes you all around São Paulo to try various Brazilian foods and you can check out our experience here.


Caipirinhas on the Free Food Tour!


Shots of Cachaca with our tour guide Ulisses!

São Paulo Free Walking Tour
There is a free walking tour every day of the week with the SP Free Walking Tour. They have three tours that run throughout the week in different neighborhoods: Old Downtown, Paulista Avenue, and Vila Madelana.  We were able to catch the Vila Madelana tour which covers the history of the area, the famous Batman Alley and tons of spots where locals head to grab a drink or bite to eat!

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (5)

Our tour guide (pictured here) said this car has been in this same spot since he was a kid!

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (13)

Batman Alley!

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (30)

Batman Alley continued

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (61)

Whooo Whoooo

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (37)

Bolivia represented!

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (43)

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (76)

The guy on the left is a very highly respected and famous graffiti artist from SP. He was promoting his brand new art on the wall all while offering us a joint (haha)

Brazil_SaoPaulo_Lumix (90)

During the tour we stopped at a local bakery and sampled some famous cake, yum!


There are about 90 museums in the city of São Paulo and thankfully there are handful that are free!

Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) (open from 10:00am to 6:00pm and free on Tuesdays!)Brazil_RIO_lmx (11)

Museu Do Fotbol (open from 10:00am-5:00pm and free on Saturday!)

Brazil_sao paulo_lmx (23)

Images and video clips from past years surrounding futbol

Brazil_RIO_lmx (34)

Futbol (soccer) field in São Paulo!

Brazil_RIO_lmx (27)

Museu Afro Brasil (open from 10:00am – 5:00pm and free on Saturday!)

Pinacoteca do Estado do Sao Paulo Brazil (10:00am – 6:00pm and free on Saturday!)

Museu de Arte Moderna de Sao Paulo (open from 10:00am – 5:30pm and free on Sunday!)

Museu Paulista (1st Sunday of every month, (9:00am – 5:00pm and free on Sunday!)

We only had time to walk thru one cemetery while we were in SP, but wow are they impressive! I was amazed by how monstrous the graves are and how much art goes into each one. Cemetery’s are usually a little creepy walking thru, but the ones in SP have an added eeriness to them. They can surprisingly provide a great view of the city too. Check out any of the cemeteries in SP! If you take the free walking tours, they will give you several names to check out. The photos below are of a cemetery close to the Museu do Futebol

Brazil_RIO_lmx (57)

Great view of the city from the cemetery.

Brazil_RIO_lmx (39)


Brazil_RIO_lmx (54) Brazil_RIO_lmx (44)

We spent an entire afternoon in Parque do Ibirapuera and were impressed by how much the park holds! This park holds museums, running, biking, and walking paths, lakes, water fountains, playgrounds, resting spots, and large green areas for games.

Brazil_SauPaulo_Lumix (89)

I loved watching this fountain. It would change every few minutes to do something different.

Brazil_SauPaulo_Lumix (107)

This park is huge!

Brazil_SauPaulo_Lumix (108)

Interesting chairs for sleeping 😛

Brazil_SauPaulo_Lumix (100)


We came to São Paulo without really much of a plan but were lucky that our hostel (La Pamplona) had a ton of flyers laying around. Since we are budget travelers the first word we look for is FREE and if food comes after that we are always on board! Yes, all the food is free and all you have to do is give a tip at the end, if you want.

The tour meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1:30pm in front of the Museum of Art of São Paulo (MASP) on Paulista Avenua 1578. You can locate the tour by the two guys wearing a yellow shirt that has FREE FOOD TOUR on it. The tour will last about two hours and is mostly around Paulista Avenua.


The first item that we tried is a typical brazilian soda that is made from the Guarana fruit and is very sweet. Ulissess, who is the owner pulled out a bottle of it from his backpack and his assistant passed out cups to everyone in the tour. The drink is so sweet that I was glad to only have a small portion of it.

Free Food Tour SP

This is a picture of the fruit where the drink comes from and is made out of the black seeds

Free Food Tour SP

This is a typical bottle of Guaraná

Free Food Tour SP

Cheers with Guaraná soda!


The second item that we tried was at a typical Brazlian bakery that you see all around São Paulo. I was glad to finally try something from the bakeries because there are so many different things to choose from that I never know what is what! We tried Coxinha which is shredded chicken thigh meat in a breaded covering filled with potatoes. It was SO delicious and I was already full after finishing it!

Coxinha Free Food Tour SP

Coxinha’s are pretty large. We weren’t expecting for us to each get our own, but we did!

Coxinha Free Food Tour SP

Nom Nom Nom

Coxinha free food tour

This is what the inside of it looks like. Potatoes and shredded chicken!

Pastel- Bauru

The next stop was at a shop that sold only Pastels and sugar cane juice. We tried the Bauru pastel, which has ham cheese, and tomatoes in it, but there are 100 of different types available. They were delicious and once I bit into one, I was glad it was not as filled as the previous item we tried! Ulisses, the tour guide said that the location we went to was the 2nd best place to go to to get these, but that if you want to try the best you will have to go to Mercado Municipal for it.

Free Food Tour SP

Pastel- Bauru. Yum!

free food tour SP

This is what the inside of the Pastel looked like. Just a little bit of cheese, ham, and tomatoes.

sugar cane brazil free food tour sp

This is how they make the sugar cane juice. It was way too sweet for my liking! (This was not included in the tour though)


I am already a huge fan of this fruit, so I was so excited for our next stop when we stopped at a little bakery that is known for this fruity deliciousness! Ulisses explained to us about the exportation of the product and how that it can only be exported through a specific process that kills all of the bacteria. I love this stuff!

Acai Free Food Tour SP

Açaí deliciousness being served!

Açaí Free Food Tour SP

Ulisses told us that because of the preservation process, a lot more sugar is added to this and that this small portion has 250 calories.

Açaí Free Food Tour SP

Group picture outside of Rei Do Mate, where we had Açaí


After scarfing down the delicious Açaí berry, we walked to the park that is in the middle of Paulista Avenua. Here, Ulisses started to explain about the famous alcohol of Brazil Cachaca, which is made to make Caipirinha’s. During his explanation, his assistance started passing around small cups to each of the tour participants and then he pulled out a bottle of Cachaca. We all looked at each other and Ulisses said, “Don’t worry, it is legal to drink in the streets,” with a huge smile on his face. He poured each one of us a small shot and we all cheered. It was way too strong for me and I was not a fan at all, so I passed the rest to Oscar who drank it for me.


Listening to Ulisses talk to us about Cachaca.


This is what a bottle of Cachaca looks like.




Our lovely tour guide Ulisses Jorge!

Arroz e feijão
Our last stop included the final two items. We were given a small portion (which was welcomed after all the food we had) of arroz e feijão, which is well known when thinking of Brazil.


Plates of arroz e feijão


arroz e feijão


We ended the tour with Caipirinha’s, which is famous all around the world. Ulisses told us that this drink was not around until the early 1918. It was a delicious way to end the tour!


Caipirinha’s for everyone! Yum!


Cheers from The Quint’s!


The group!


Cheers from everyone!!! Thank you Free Food Tour SP!

If you are in the São Paulo area and have a few hours to spare on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday head on over to meet Ulisses at 1:30pm under the MASP Museum!! You will leave with a diverse knowledge of Brazilian food, a great impression of the people of São Paulo (thanks to Ulisses’ cheerful attitude), and a full and happy belly!


Obligatory selfie in the streets of São Paulo with our guide Ulisses!

You can check out their website here: Free Food Tour São Paulo