Beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua will always hold a special place in my heart, so expect a plethora of posts about the land of Flor de Caña to be coming soon. But first, let’s talk BEACHES! In the surrounding area of San Juan Del Sur, you will find nine beaches that you can explore, surf, and enjoy being a beach bum  during your time in the south. I personally had the luxury of only visiting five of them, but each of the ones I have been to have a different personality and aspect to offer based on what you are looking for.

Playa Yankee
This beach is one of the more secluded beaches I have encountered. It is a wide stretch of land with good waves, beautiful views, and clear water. The only human encounter you will find on this beach is the small house before you enter the beach and the empty hut at the end of the beach that some of the local surf shops use for BBQ’s. This beach is usually $10 to get to usually one by using one of the town shuttles and has been the only beach where I have seen dolphins jumping in the distance!

Head to Playa Yankee and you will have the beach to yourself! Bring snacks/drinks because there is nothing there!

The tide comes up really high on the beach…here’s your evidence 🙂

❤❤ Such a beautiful and secluded beach ❤❤

Backpackers Tip: This is the best beach for camping, just watch out for sand flies!

❤ Camping at Playa Yankee with some of the crew from Hola Ola and our workaway ❤

Sunsets are just the worst in Nicaragua ??

Playa Hermosa
The name says it all. This beach is so beautiful!!! If you only have time for one beach while you are in SJDS, I recommend you go to this one! It’s a $10 shuttle from any of the local surf shops and is the best location if you are looking to learn how to surf. The beach has a place to stay as well as a bar/restaurant.  The prices can range from $7-10 for food and drinks, so if you are on a budget like I am then I recommend grabbing a few $1 Tonas and some snacks from a local shop to hold you over.

Grab a table or hammock to leave your stuff and head to the waves!

There are surfboards for rent at the beach if you don’t have one!

There is a small area of rocks, so depending on the tide you have to be careful! I just love this picture.

My girl Dasha and I soaking up the rays at Playa Hermosa! We met in Granada and were inseparable for two weeks! ❤

Look at how beautiful this view is! My girl Dasha enjoying the view!

Stay for sunset! You won’t be disappointed.

Playa Maderas
This is the best beach to go to if you are really into surfing and can actually rip up the waves, or even get on your board (haha, I try!). The beach is small with a lot of rocks to the right of the beach, but the water is beautiful, the waves are great, and there is so much surfing to watch! There are two restaurants and a hostel on the beach, but they are expensive so bring your own stuff here as well! You can grab any shuttle from town for $5.

Look at all those waves back there!

Frozen drinks, salty water, and this view is all ya need!

Beautiful place!

Playa San Juan Del Sur
This is the first beach that you will see when you arrive to San Juan Del Sur, since the town sits right on it’s shores. This beach is perfect for sitting at one of the local restaurants and enjoying the sunset, or soaking up some sun during the day on the sand. Sadly, this is not the best beach to swim in as of November 2016. When I was here in November of 2015, it was a clean beach where a lot of locals and tourists alike would swim in. However, after the hurricane in November of 2016 the water became very dirty and the storm brought in a lot of trash so sometimes your ankles will feel trash floating around. Nonetheless, this is the beach of the town and is still beautiful to sit at and enjoy the sunset and sound of the waves. If anyone has or will be there after this blog has posted, please let me know if this has changed!

November 2015, when the water was more clear. What a beautiful sight at sunset!

Sunset in the background and Cristo in the distance.

This is the view of the entire beach of SJDS from the top of El Cristo.

I just love the sunsets in Nicaragua *in love*

Cristo watches over San Juan Del Sur as the sun sets

Playa Remanso
This was one of the last beaches that I visited and I regretted waiting so long to go! As soon as I stepped out of the shuttle and set my eyes on this beach, I fell in love! The view was beautiful, the beach was nearly secluded apart from a few locals, the water had just the right mixture of waves, rocks, and clarity, and there are so many areas to explore up and down the beach. Oh, and don’t forget the SUNSET! They were to die for! Sadly, in low season there are only a few shuttles that go here, but if you get a group together it’s easypeasy to head on over there for $5 each!

View of Remanso from around the bay

Nicaragua will always be one of my favorite places for sunsets!

Evening bonfires at Playa Remanso

❤ Mermaid Life for EJ ❤

Long stretch of land with just a few shops there

Have any of you been before?! Which one is your favorite?! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Get your butt to Nicaragua and check out the amazing beaches of San Juan Del Sur! They are some of the most beautiful that you will see!


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