5 Must Do Hikes Around the World

Path of Gods- Almafi Coast, Italy

The Path of Gods Hike was such a breathtaking experience that I did not expect when traveling to Italy. I found out about the hike from another traveler and from the moment I began the hike I was in awe. The entire hike is along the Almafi Coast so you have views of the ocean and several of the towns along the coast. I suggest you make sure to take breaks throughout the hike so that you can just stop and enjoy the view. At the end of the hike make sure you take a dip in the ocean to cool off from the heat!



Breathtaking views

No wonder people flock to the Amalfi Coast. I’m in love with this view!    

Tongariro Alpine Crossing- Tongariro, New Zealand

This is one of the most unique hikes I have ever experienced around the world! The hike lasts between 8 to 10 hours and throughout it you will experience all four seasons. Wear layers! You can check out a full description of the hike here.


Feeling zen in front of Mt. Doom

This is a hike of all seasons. Be prepared for the wind!

El Chalten, Argentina 

El Chalten is a town made for hikers! There are several hikes that can be completed from this town, including the Famous Fitz Roy hike that many hikers dream of completing. My particular favorite was a small hike to a waterfall, but to be fair instead of walking there I rented a bike to get there. It is still a must see location! Pack a lunch, bring a journal or book, and spend the afternoon mesmerized by the waterfall!


Everywhere you look in this town you are surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks while the sun beats on your back. HEAVEN!


My favorite spot in the world.

Dois Irmãos- Two Brothers Moutains- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

This hike is the more lesser known hikes within Rio de Janeiro. The more popular hike is at Sugar Loaf, but you have to pay a hefty price to hike it and it is usually packed with tourists. If you head to the other side of the city, opposite of Sugar Loaf, than you can experience a lesser known hike that costs nothing to enter, and provides you a unique view of Rio de Janeiro!

Views of favalas at the beginning of the hike

Most of the hike you can barely see the views. With each step around a corner, a view or Rio is a pleasant surprise.

View of the non-touristy side of Rio.


Enjoying the views of RIo

Iconic Rio de Jainero.

Pacaya Volcano- Antigua, Guatemala

This was the hardest hike for me personally, due to the elevation of the volcano. In this hike you leave early in the morning, hike between 4 to 8 hours in the day depending on how fast your group is, and camp on top of the volcano. At 4:30am the next morning, you hike up about another hour to the top of the volcano so you can see the sunrise and Acatenango Volcano erupting. I personally had a hard time with this hike and spent the evening vomiting out of my tent, but for the few moments I was able to look up and see the lava spurting from the Volcano it was beautiful.


View of Acatenango Volcano from the camping site


You are literally hiking above the clouds!

These are my top five favorite hikes around the word that I have completed so far, but I am sure as I travel more and more I will add a ton more to it! What are some of your favorite hikes? Comment below with any suggestions of hikes anywhere in the world you have for me!


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