4 Reasons why I love Buenos Aires

This past year I have visited 95 cities and I can say without a doubt that Buenos Aires remains my favorite city so far. The moment I stepped off the bus, and my foot touched the concrete of the city, I was in love. If I had the opportunity, I would move there today! The city has all of my favorite things that I look for in a city that I want to live in, along with some added bonuses that come along with it being a major location in Argentina!


When I travel I like to experience the country and culture through my tastebuds. What better way to travel than to eat your way through everything, right?! The food in Argentina in general is amazing. Chimichurri, choripan, emapanadas, asado, alfajores, yerba mate, and the list could go on. Let’s put it this way, I haven’t found or tasted a food yet in Argentina that I wouldn’t devour in three minutes flat!

My mouth is watering just looking at this photo

Ohhh heavenly Choripan

Nom Nom Nom- no words needed.

Can you tell how much I love chimichurri. This stuff is orgasmic! HaHa


The best lomo I have ever tasted in my life!

You can’t be in Argentina without enjoying Mate!


After stuffing my stomach with local food, I usually love to take long walks around the city to digest all the yummyness in my stomach. Let me tell you, the streets of Buenos Aires is my favorite place to do it! Everywhere I would turn while getting lost in the city had the most beautiful and diverse architecture. I am usually not one to admire architecture, but I loved everything that I set my eyes on in this city, and even more when I learned the history and explanation behind some of them!

Puente de la mujer. This is my favorite view in Argentina. The bridge depicts a woman and a man dancing Tango. How beautiful is that?! Even the architecture is poetic.

🙂 🙂 🙂

El Ateneo Grand Splendid: the most beautiful bookstore I have ever laid my eyes on.

I sat in this very spot for hours devouring the literature and the architecture. No words to describe how much happiness this day brought to me.

Music and Dance

If you are reading this blog, you must already know that I am a dancer and have a huge appreciation for dance in general. If you appreciate dance or music, Buenos Aires is the place to be! There were so many days that I would find myself standing for an hour in front of one musician absolutely mesmerized by their skill, and if there was dancing happening in the streets I literally could not be pulled away! Let’s just say I have quite the obsession going on. Apart from the street musicians, the city is alive with so many different dances and places to dance the night away. I was happy to find that there are so many salsa spots to dance in the city, and that there are so many good dancers! It was absolute heaven. If you’re into the arts- get your butt to Buenos Aires and you can see for yourself how captivating it is!

This guy was SO good! He has been in this same exact spot for years.

Tango dancing in San Telmo on Sundays….such a beautiful dance.

Even through artwork dancing speaks

Live alternative spanish…this kid was a rockstar!

Spanish rock in the streets…i watched these guys for awhile. Such good music!

Salsa dancing competition at one of the salsa clubs in Buenos Aires….AMAZING!

In the summer there are free live music concerts, and to boot it’s mostly famous musicians!


Seeing as Buenos Aires is such an artistic hotspot, there is no surprise that the city is splashed with color. If you head to the popular neighborhood La Boca, you will be surrounded by color in all it’s glory. It is a beautiful sight to set your eyes on.

Music and color in one 🙂

Beautiful – artwork lines the streets everywhere

Stunning. My favorite photo I took in La Boca.

The famous La Boca streets

Mafalda journey throughout the city

🙂 Happiness 🙂

Could this statue be anymore Argentinian? Haha!



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